The Amissio Formula Tips For Creating A Facebook Marketing Strategy

fb-amissio-formulaMany people have been using social media for a while and know it is useful beyond talking to friends and family. One of the most popular social media platforms is  so it is the ideal place for marketing. This article will give you tips on implementing a Facebook marketing plan. Keep reading for useful information.

If you are having problems increasing your followers, consider offering a sweepstakes in return for people liking your page. You can add the sweepstakes tab on your business page and people simply fill in the form with their email address. Make sure it specifies that only people who like your page will be entered into the contest.

The easiest way to become more engaged with your followers is by addressing their concerns and replying to comments. Make an effort to monitor your page regularly and try to respond within one business day. Also engage in casual conversations with your audience each day so you appear friendly and attentive. If possible, reply immediately, especially when it is a customer service problem or a complaint. Speedy replies help build good relationships with your customers.

When you create a The Amissio Formula page for marketing, you should add custom tabs. Using tabs to organize your Facebook page will help improve organization for your customers. For example, if you have contests, keep all the information regarding contests under a single tab. (more…)